The Holocaust In “Ayiti” Continues

Topic: The Holocaust In “Ayiti” Continues
The research paper has four parts: source submission, outline, draft, and final draft. It has to be done in this order. One at a time, you’ll submit the 4 part research paper so my teacher can review it. Once she’s done reviewing the papers then I will submit it back to you so you can make changes based on what my teacher says. There will be a lot of back and forth until we get to the final. I have 10-18 sources and questions that I want you to incorporate in the research paper that I have provided for you so you will be able to write the paper. You’ll only need to pick 10 sources! If you feel like the 10 sources that I have provided for is not good enough for you, then you are welcome to fine your own 10 source. The questions must be incorporated.
. Those sources must be in MLA formatting, documentation. I would also ask you to include 1-2 sentences explaining what each source is and why you’re using it, that way we can be sure your sources meet the basic quality standards. Everything else you will need will be uploaded!! Please read everything!!!!Thanks so much!