Test essay questions Eurasian studies

Answer three questions 900-1200 each. Respond to each in a clear, cohesive, and cogent manner. Your response can be submitted as a traditional essay. Avoid any use of long quotations due to the short nature of the assignment. You may rely upon course readings or other relevant material to answer the questions. If you reference any particular sources, please make sure you cite them appropriately using in text citations, example (author last name, date, Pg number if quote)

Please use times new roman 12 font double spaced. You can put all three questions in the same document. Please put each title and number of question on top of each and word count at the bottom of each last page.

Three Question needing answered 900-1200 words each

3. How did Soviet Union deal with Islam and are there any residual effects that influence the current security situation/policy of Russia toward Central Asia today?