Statement of Cash Flows

Statement of Cash Flows – Essay

We’re continuing to analyze the same company as in modules 2, 3, and 4.

Based on additional information added in modules 3 and 4, please use the information below to make a statement of cash flows.

The beginning cash balance is $16,700.
Use the Net Income from Module 2.
Use depreciation expense of Module 2.
During the year 12, Inventory increases by $42,500.
During the year 12, Land increases by $400,000.
During the year 12, Long-Term Debts increase by $350,000.
During the year 12, the company made a secondary offering of stock and raised an additional $150,000.
During the year 12, the company had paid $15,000 in dividends.
Using the Indirect Method, prepare a statement of cash flows for the company in good format and compare two financial statements between the income statement and statement of cash flows. You do not need to include the income statement or balance sheet.


This is a Signature Assignment for ACC201 Module 5 SLP.

There are 2 specific learning outcomes: 1) apply business theories, models, and concepts to guide analysis of problems and situations and 2) utilize data driven analysis in making business decisions.

In this SLP assignment for Module 5 our emphasis will be on understanding the statement of cash flows. You will be summarizing all of what you learned the in the Cases, SLPs and TDs.

The grading rubric below has been developed to measure student success in meeting the ACC201 Module 5 SLP expectations related to applying knowledge of the statement of cash flows and income statement on making business decisions.
Assignment Expectation
Weak (1)
Marginal (2)
Adequate (3)
Strong (4)

Demonstrates the ability to create content logically, concisely, and in an appropriate manner to understanding of the statement of cash flows.