sourcing potato’s for elevation burger Kuwait

1) Read the “sourcing potato’s for elevation burger Kuwait”
2) Prepare two page report “Use easy vocabulary “
3) Make sure to itemize your response to identify the question you are answering (no need to rewrite the question only add the letter of the questin)
4) List of the question
A. What are the challenges facing TABCo in sourcing potatoes?
B. Is there an ethical dilemma facing Ali Ashkanani in sourcing potatoes for elevation burger? If so, then explain. What do you recommend ali to do?
C. How do you view the approach ali Ashkanani took in solving the potato-sourcing problem? What would you do differently?
D. What do you recommend TABCo to do moving forward? Support your response with figures from the case. You may need to take into account TABCo’s cost of capital and growth rate. Clearly state and justify your assumptions. Use Microsoft excels to conduct a net-a-present-value for the different alternatives.

Please be sure that all the paper is taking to the main company no need for any concept . Thank you