social response

I attached article the reading response is about it How to do a reading response Start off by asking yourself, “What is this author arguing?” Then explain what that is. Try to strike a balance between description (summary) and analysis. Analysis means comparing this author to other theorists, finding problems with the author’s argument, or evaluating the merits of this argument. This does NOT mean simply offering your opinion. Analytic language emphasizes relationships: • In opposition to • Departs from • In accord with • Undermines • Reinforces • Reacts to • Further develops • Responds to • Emphasizes • Confirms • Moves beyond • Explores • Highlights • Adapts For example, a correct use of analysis could be the following: – Weber departs from Marx by offering an understand of the world based on values and ideas. Yet he does not offer an explanation of how values emerge from economic systems, as Marx does. This represents a major flaw in his work. This is a form of analysis that is not correct for your reading responses: – I agree with Weber that values matter in the world. I believe strongly in having strong values as my parents taught me and I think the world would be a better place if people put more emphasis on values. Note that both of these sentences offer opinions. One of the opinions, however, is based on an analysis of the text based on sociological principles, logical argument, and a comparison with other texts we have read. The other is simply giving a personal opinion that does not engage with the broader course topics and readings.