Short story proofreading

So I’ll write down A work level information, and you can just follow that and make your proofreading, and make sure this is not an essay, this is a story.
Character: character(s) confront(s) a high stakes conflict or obstacle that challenges them externally and internally.

Character: Description and action give the reader a deep sense and empathy for the protagonist.

Character: Protagonist experiences a significant change with both outer (action) and inner (emotional/psychological) facets.

Character: Secondary characters are round and/or dynamic and come alive on the page.
Plot: Creative or unique approach to structure demonstrates a nuanced understanding of plot.
Plot: The beginning has an original hook, and pulls the reader in to the protagonist’s specific situation or obstacle.
Plot:The tipping/turning point or crisis leads to a surprising yet inevitable ending, which achieves resonance.
Plot: Conflicts is overt and drives narrative or some other element supplies narrative drive.

Narrative Time: The story smoothly navigates between scene(show) and summary(tell).
Narrative Time: Incorporate backstory and/or flashbacks unobtrusively.
Narrative Time: author creates a graceful or dynamic rhythm through the story.

Dialogue: adds a subtext, moves story forward and reveals character.

Description: sensory descriptions engage the reader throughout.
Description: figurative language enhances the story.

setting: Story has strong sense of place, both in terms of the micro-setting and macro-setting, that contributes to the overall meaning of the story.

Point of view: reflects a deep understanding of the point of view continuum and enhances the story.
Voice: A distinct narrative voice enhances the story.

Style:Command and control of the language is sophisticated. Style-sentence and syntax, word choice, concision, etc. -all contribute to substance.

Theme: The deeper meaning is shown subtly through journey, symbolism or self-reflection,
Theme: Captivates and involves the reader deeply by offering insight into the truths of the human experience, conveyed via the craft elements.

Grammar: Language is clean and correct with no more then a few typos.

Title: an original Title engages the reader and supports story’s purpose and style.

Revision: Demonstrates evidence of risk-taking.
Revision: story is polished enough to be submitted for potential publication.

About the story, connect the title and the story, clear main character, make sure character development, make sure use five sense to describe event, sets, and places, don’t forget to add alittle character describe, like, what does it look like or smell like ?
making sure that what kind of relationships are involved and why?
who is the protagonist? what do they look like? what do they do? what do they say?

Time line is important and chronicle

making sure that mother and father conflict or Narrator and family conflict

short story don’t need alot exposition.

Making sure that this is not an essay, This is story, and you have to have specific story in this story to show your events or main character’s changes!