Reflective Review with appendices

Assignment Brief:
This assignment consists of:

• A reflective review of your learning process including reflection on your completion of the skills audit, self assessments and career planning process and how these will be addressed. You will also reflect on whether you have observed theories of psychology being applied in practical situations, or how you can relate to theories relevant to career planning and how this has enabled the development of your own career planning and reflective skills. This review will conclude with discussion of how your action plan will help you to achieve your post graduation progress into your chosen career.

Note and Action.

• Need to complete the Employability Self-Assessment and career and action because its part of my reflective review.
• My existence CV
• We will go through some examples on moodle and there are also examples in the appendix. section of the HEA guide.
• This action plan should be a set of bullet points, using the SMART(ER) objectives model.

I have attached the sample that you need to do( name of the example is Sample reflective review Mark of 72)
I have put all the notes that you need to have so you will be able to finish the essay, you must include them all (Careers Action Plan, Employability audit and my cv.)
I am also attaching you some notes you will find useful it’s from a power point