reflection paper


Based on the organization behavior concepts
Regarding of week 8 (leadership), we thought if all of us agree, we can make Kostas our “leader” in our team. Although we know that all of us did a very good job, personally I think Kostas indeed contributed more. If you all agreed, then we could have more things to write (lol) and we would analyse how Kostas performed from our first survival simulation, post making, and group discussions to the final Change simulation, like what traits of him made us think he is the leader in our group and how he affected our teamwork.
Week 9 is about organizational structure and change and if you take a look at the slides, you may find that the content (centralization, formalization, etc.) is not so relevant to our group work. Therefore, we think that maybe we do not need to write about those stuff. The only thing I can think of about organization is how we organized our group, but since this is directly related to how we did group decision making