The REFLECTION is NOT a research paper! Identify something we spoke of in class or you have read. It can be one situation or many. For example, something you may have learned when it comes to identity, your upbringing, life lessons etc as it applies to psychology.
This should be at least 3 – 5 pages.
NOTE: Should be related to those chapters 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 outline. And I will send this REFLECTION paper online. Thank you ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;)).
Outline CH#7
Introduction: A language development, this chapter about how was the process to learn the language when we were child or how’s new born child start to speak and learn the language step by step.
Topic sentence1: Start bubbling to 3 years
A: Support
1: In first year babies start bubbling and use the hands
2: For example, in age two they start to learn different styles to talk
Topic sentence2: Speak how’s they want
B: Support
1: In age three they just speak for their own way
2: Foe example, when they speak we need to help them to speak correctly
Topic sentence3: Children’s conversatation with other children
C: Support
1: When girls speak they speak more warm phrases then boy’s but boys speak more clearly than girls
2 : Who speak more languages they show more flexibility
Conclusion: We learn the languages step by step we also learn how to speak and what style for speak to use the communicate with other people.

Introduction: We use different ways to learn the language .What is the process of learning the language. How we can think and then speak in a language.
Topic sentence1: How we make our mind
A: Support
1: We use different sources to learn the language
2: For example, watching TV, listing radio etc
Topic sentence2: Language development
B: Support
1: When babies start to do bubbling it means they start to speak in a sounds
2: For example, they do that 3 months until one year
Topic sentence3: How animals talk with each other
C: Support
1: Some animals speak with each other
2: For example, chimps are speak with other chimps in their own language

Introduction: Everyone have different kind of level of intelligence so that’s the reason everyone have different thinking levels.
Topic sentence1: Different kind of intelligence
A: Support
1: For example, every person thinks their own way. It’s all depend how much he \she has intelligence
2: Many other people think bad way
Topic sentence2: Emotional intelligence
B: Support
1: For example, when we fell sad then our intelligence level think not properly
2: It’s also depend our around atmosphere
Topic sentence3: Intelligence level of different ages
C: Support
1: For example, when we are young our intelligence and thinking level according our ages
2: It’s change when we are get older because our thinking level going to more mature

Introduction: Motivation and emotion are two different things. Motivation is start when we born and emotion are also start out birth time. That is all naturally things.
Topic sentence1: Thoughts motivation
A: Support
1: For example, sometimes we thought about anything and we feel lazy to do that, so that time we need motivation
2: Another example, sometime we need good grads so at that time someone motivate us
Topic sentence2: Human motivation
B: Support
1: According to biological and social factor human needs to motivation
2: For example: if we don’t want to eat dinner and someone motivate and force to eat
Topic sentence3: Emotional experiences
C: Support
1: we need to show emotion in every relationship
2: For example, if we have friends we need to spend some time with them
OUTLINE # 11 Introduction: Gender and sex it comes in male and female. Both are very different from each other .There behavior’s attitude and expectations are totally different.
Topic sentence1: Sexual difference
A: Support
1: They feel shame and embarrassment
2: For example, they can do sex how much they have power
Topic sentence2: similar and dissimilar
B: Support
1: They both have different behavior
2: For example, female is more aggressive behavior then man
Topic sentence3: Heterosexuality
C: Support
1: Male and female have naturally attraction with each other
2:For example, sexual activity between with married and unmarried are different

Outline ch:12
Introduction:Psychologists study shows development and an interaction development nature
Topic sentence: Nature effect on our development system
1:For example, environment is important part who effect our behavior
2: It is also effect on our development system
Topic sentence: compare people
1:For example, compare the two kind of people and see the difference in their behaviour
2; You can see their mental level totally different from each other
Topic sentence; Development system in different ages
A: It is start to our birth when we start to learn and our development system start to work
2:For example, Their are different period of development like Fetus and age of viability
Outline Ch#13
Introduction:Personality is a inner part of human being some people have control on their behavior and some not
Topic sentence:According to psychology theory
1;Personality connect with human mind, knowledge, belief’s and feelings
2: Foe example,It is impotent what our mind think
Topic sentence:Different stages
1: First, when children intrect with society
2: Second, when they understand the sex like what the difference with he or she
Topic sentence:How we learn about our personalities
1:It is all depends in our life style environment and situation
2:Foe example, Personality shows our negative and positive evaluation.