Rational Essay

Rational Essay



Rational Essay ? General Guidelines
Your finished Rationale Essay must be a well-written (college level) essay between 12 to 15 pages, double spaced. This essay (in conjunction with your Degree Plan) will be reviewed for approval by the College Assessment Committee, which is comprised of Professors from each of the Academic Departments of the college.
Guidelines require all Degree Plans to address knowledge of cultural diversity. This can be accomplished in your Rationale Essay with an explanation of your knowledge and experience in cultural diversity or by adding one of the "diversity? courses to your DP (Diversity in the Work Place; Sexuality and the Law; Aging and Society, Thinking about Race, Class and Gender)
Your Area of Study will most likely be Community and Human Services (?CHS?) or Business, Management and Economics (?BME?). You will need to include several CHS or BME courses in your DP. You should review the Area of Study Guidelines in your Degree Planning Guide:
CHS = page 78 BME = page 65
For your review; potential CHS courses that may be suited to your DP include; Introduction to Human Services; Grief and Loss; Human Services Ethics; Disabled in America; US Health System. Please review the on-line CDL Course Catalog.
1. In your opening paragraph(s), you want to give a brief history of your background. I encourage you to pursue those goals but you may want to broaden your horizons by looking at other similar jobs in this general. This is your opportunity to explain ?who you are? and ?why you have decided to enter college? to the Assessment Committee.
2. Next you will explain your professional and academic goals. You should write approximately 1/2 page (minimum) to 2 pages (maximum) on goals and contexts. Length of this section is not as important as type and specificity of information. Again, you need to help outside readers understand your personal, academic, and/or professional goals and the contexts in which you are pursuing your degree.
3. Next you will write about your academics expectations. You should write approximately 1 page (minimum) to 3 pages (maximum) on academic expectations. Length of this section is not as important as type and specificity of information. Again, you need to help outside readers understand the results of your research and how you’ve applied your research to help choose courses that address academic expectations for your type of degree.
4. The next section of your DP will include the general overview of either CHS or BME as your Area of Study (AOS); and your concentration in emergency management and/or fire service administration. This portion of the Rationale Essay will list and discuss each course and all CBE credits proposed in your DP. You need to explain to the Degree Plan Review Committee why each course is important to your DP (whether it is a gen-ed course or how this course is an essential concentration course, will help fulfill your educational or professional goals, etc.)
As part of your AOS requirements, your Rationale Essay must address the following (refer to the Degree Planning Guide for further explanation).
Business, Management and Economics:
communication skills
information management
ethical and social responsibility
quantitative skills
understanding people in an organizational context
understanding organizations within broader contexts

Community and Human Services:
Attitudes and values
Experience, application and practice

This is the most lengthy portion of the Rational Essay.
5. The next section will be a detailed comparison of your proposed DP to at least three other colleges offering similar degrees. You must show how your DP compares favorably with those three colleges and explain any unfavorable comparisons. Your essay should name the three colleges you used for comparison.
6. You need to write a brief conclusion that summarizes your Rationale and re-states how this DP and the courses you have chosen will fulfill your academic and professional goals
I have been very interested in going back to college to finish my college degree for a very long time. I have had some bumps along the way, but that has just made me stronger and more determined to complete my degree. I lost my job in 2010 with a telecommunications company merger and found a new job in July 2011, which is what brought me to Upstate NY. Empire State College seems to be a good fit for me because of the majors that you offer and your online program.
My wife and I have two sons that are both attending colleges outside of NY. It would make me so proud to complete my degree and be able to get a college diploma right along with them. Our oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2004. He had a craniotomy to remove half of his brain tumor. He also received 2 months of proton beam radiation treatment at Mass General Hospital while living in North Carolina. As a family we have had to endure many obstacles that we have been able to over come.


I am currently employed in management at a telecommunications company and would like to complete my degree at Empire State College and pursue a Bachelor of Science Area Public Affairs Concentration degree. I have been involved in all aspects of running a telecommunications business and many leadership positions over the past thirty years rising to the level of Regional Vice President. I have also had numerous leadership roles on community boards and local community fund raising events. I have taken over 91 hours of college level courses to this point in my life. This degree would enable me to realize my personal and professional goals by obtaining my college degree. I feel that I can manage the time between work and taking classes online. It is a great honor to be able to attend Empire State College. Bachelor of Science Area Public Affairs Concentration Public Affairs is my choice to peruse to complete my degree plan.

TO: Students, Planning and Finalizing the Degree course ? May 2013 Term
RE: Course Schedule and Syllabus
Attachments: Degree Planning Guide; Rationale Essay Guidelines; Gen-Ed Requirements
I have included the course schedule for the Planning and Finalizing the Degree Plan course (below); you can proceed through the assignments at your own pace. Readings and assignments will be found in the on-line course. You should log into the course as soon as possible and begin by reading the introductory material. Call or e-mail me with any questions or if you have difficulty getting started.
This letter and course schedule will serve as a guide for completing the work necessary to finish this course, basically your Degree Plan and Rationale Essay.
You will need to work with the On-Line degree planner, which will require you have your ESC ?logon? and ?ID number?. If you don?t have these or can?t remember them, contact the college by the link on the website (www.esc.edu/dpplanner) or by telephone (1-800-847-3000).
After you have completed a draft of your Degree Plan using the on-line Degree Planner, you?ll be able to start the Rationale Essay. Summary guidelines for the Rationale Essay are attached and more detailed explanations are contained in the on-line course readings.
Your Rationale Essay is an important document that must accompany your DP. This essay is read by the Assessment Committee that must approve your DP.
Please let me know when you?re ready to start and feel free to call with any questions.


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