Promoting Indigenous Family Health

The following instructions need to be followed in completing this assignment; this work needs to be acciated with aboriginal women giving birth in remote areas. We had to view a documentary on this essay, called “BIRTH RITES”. This short documentary targeted aboriginal women leaving the remote areas to have their babies, these women expressed their concerns with leaving their home, and having to give birth many miles from home, away from intermediate family, i.e. they didn’t wish to leave their homes and give birth, they wanted to stay in rural remote and give birth, this documentary included Canadian women in similar circumstances. You must use the references that I have provided, however some may not relate to this topic, these where provided in the subject outline, you may use others but of course I must be able to assess them easily through my university in Australia. Perhaps one issue could be say “distance”, “culture”? Not sure? I trust that you can help put it into words. I will forward the references seperate.





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