policy brief

Paper: discuss some fundamental value explored in the course that can be, has been, could be, or should be, shared, for better or worse, across various cultural boundaries. Please do not construe this as an invitation to defend your own favorite value (principle, ideal, standard). It should rather be understood as an opportunity to explore one or more of the values under discussion in this course that strikes you as a potential candidate for transnational, cross-cultural support.

Value = something deemed of worth, merit, importance, desirability, even usefulness, such as a custom, practice, person, ideal, tradition, or possibility;

Boundaries (thinking of, say, Dreams of Trespass) = civilizational, religious, national, regional, urban, historical, political, ethnic, racial, class, financial, territorial, domestic, gender, sexual, generational, social, familial, educational, stylistic, military;

Fundamental values discussed in this course (among many other candidates) = individuality, self-interest, local knowledge, culture, public good, greed, nationalism, truthfulness, “deliberate belief,” wealth, self-narrative, love of country, craftsmanship, maintaining appearances, self-criticism, female subordination (to men), loyalty, serving others, historical understanding, “civilization,” patriarchy, women’s liberation, pleasure, equality, liberty, justice, learning from “others,” imagination, minority rights, human rights, humility, toleration, compromise, mourning, resistance to violence, testimony, empathy, communication, preventing crimes against humanity, becoming all that you can be.