Policy Analysis: Private Detective Act of 1953

Topic: Policy Analysis: Private Detective Act of 1953

Order type: Essay

Problem Statement: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Private Detective Act of 1953 does not have a standard that requires specific training for unarmed security officers.

This is the problem statement required for the policy analysis paper, as well as the policy that is analyzed. If you have any questions, please call me I am very acclimated with this act! Thanks! see below:

identify a gap or problem with a policy and develop a recommendation to resolve or improve the problem. The policy analysis should address an issue that influences the public safety at the state, federal or international level; and involve some interactions between citizens, advocates and government or among all these groups.

Required Format and Content of the Policy Analysis Paper
I. Introduction and Identification of the Criminal Justice Policy
A. Specific identification of the policy If the policy is the creation of an agency, identify the laws that created that agency. If the policy is an executive or judicial branch policy, provide a reference for the rule or ruling.
B. Promulgators of the policy
C. Who was supportive of the policy (stakeholders)? Who opposed the policy?