Plumber Interview

You should choose to interview someone who has been a manager for at least 2 years and is employed full time. Please use the questions below, but feel free to add your own. Ask frequently for examples which illustrate the interviewee’s experience. When an interviewee tells you an interesting story, make sure to ask further questions so you understand how this experience is related to their work and their skills.

Take notes during the interview and then type up a 2 page summary of what you learned. Do not provide a verbatim account of the interview. Rather describe what you learned about how managers function, what helps them to do their jobs, what challenges they face. Your paper should include an introductory paragraph which describes the job and the organization of the person you interviewed and a concluding paragraph which summarizes what you learned from the interview.

Start the interview by having the individual describe their organization and their specific role briefly. Then use these questions to followup:

1. Describe a typical day at work.

2. What are the critical skills needed to be a successful manager in your line of work?

3. Who has most influenced your management style?

4. What are the most critical problems you have faced as a manager? (Including demands and constraints.)

5. Name one recent change you had to deal with at work and describe how you managed that change.

6. What do you love best about your work? Like the least?

7. What would you like to learn more about that would help you to continue to improve in your job?

8. How is your job as a manager affected by the global economy?

Paper should be double spaced with one inch margins all around. Only your name and the topic need to appear on the top line