peace and change

One portfolio containing academic work of 8 mini essays of 500-1000 words each.

For the assessment, you will need to prepare a portfolio that explores the questions and issues covered in the course in relation to a case study of a social movement/social movement organisation/revolution of your choice.
i want it to be about the Young Turk revolution

The portfolio should contain:

An initial statement on your choice of case study: Why have you chosen that particular case study? What questions are you particularly interested in?

An overview of the historical, political and cultural context in which the movement/revolution occurred/is occurring, with a reflection on how this context shaped the movement/revolution you are looking at.
An examination of how the movement is/was organised, and of any practical and/or ethical implications of this.
A critical analysis of the ways in which the revolutionary/social movement framed/is framing the issues of contention.
A critical analysis of the action forms used by the actors involved.
A reflection on means and ends in relation to your case study, and on any ethical issues arising from its practices and/or its aims.
A consideration of the actual or potential outcomes of the movement/revolution you have looked at.
A concluding statement on your learning from the case study and the course, including some reflections on its relevance to Peace Studies.
As a guideline, each of these pieces should be 500-1000 words long.
You will be expected to demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature and concepts introduced on the course, both around collective action generally, and – to the extent applicable – in relation to your case study. You will need to include references as appropriate in your writing and a bibliography for the whole of the portfolio. Experience has shown that the key to doing well in this assignment is regular attendance, engagement with the literature