Patient suffer from ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2. Operation (surgery)performed FEMORO-POPLITEAL BY-PASS

1Patient suffer from ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2. Operation (surgery)performed FEMORO-POPLITEAL BY-PASS
Observing strict confidentiality, identify a patient with a pathology that has resulted in them undergoing surgical procedure. Outline the background of the patient, the nature of their illness and provide a very brief description of the operative procedure. Discuss your patients pathology and its physiological effects. Then in CHRONOLOGICAL Oder from per-op, list the drugs administered to the patients and very briefly their purpose. Choose one of the drugs being given to your patients and explain its pharmacological and physiological action and how it may cause side effects *. Identify, summarise and critically discuss a clinical trial*** that justifies the use of this drug

***submit A COPY OF CLINICAL TRIAL. With your assignment***
The mechanism of action of some drugs is uncertain. If you decide to choose of these drugs be aware that this may make it quite difficult to answer certain parts of the assignment (i.e how the drug works and how it may cause side effects) sometimes there are various theories relating to how the drug works and you could compare and contrast these theories.
You are strongly advised to perform a literature search for suitable clinical trials before committing yourself to a particular drug. (Articles n journals)
You are required to clinically discuss a clinical trial. This is to say, a study that used real patients to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug in a real clinical setting. Do not try to discuss a meta- analysis or systematic review etc.
This is a case history and so the assignment should follow your patients form the pre-op to the recovery. You may find diagrams help explain the physiological action of the drug you have chosen. Diagrams from external source should be referrenced
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