Pathway #3

Please follow the instructions and comments on the paper. Then Add 2 more pages of part #3. Last time you only wrote part 2 and didnt even include part 1!!! i need all papers to be included in part #3. You can not change subjects now you can onlt try to blend them all together. Im going to send you part 1 and 2 again to adjust and blend together. THEN ADD PART #3. In part #3 Explain how the pathway impacts the health condition in a high income country and a low income country. Compare and contrast the countries. Show data verifying the HIC and LIC status of each country. Tables and graphs might be useful to compare patterns in the two countries. Critically discuss how the pathway affects the population levels of the health condition. Explain reasons why the patterns/effects exist in the two countries. Tell us why you chose these two countries to compare. (2-4 pages)

……………………… Those are the paper format please follow: Please apply those on all parts of the assignment!! Organization and Format of the Paper The numbers of pages per part are suggestions, but the paper should be about 6-10 pages excluding references. There should be at least 10 references, mainly from professional peer-reviewed journals. Limit references to websites to less than 1/4 of all references, and include the name and date of the web site you accessed. Pages must be 1.5 spaced with paragraphs indented but no lines skipped between paragraphs. The final copy of your paper will be accompanied by your “Turn It In” report (an app on Canvas) detailing the percentage of your paper that copies other people’s work. Instructions will be given to you about how to use this program. You will have the ability to submit your paper to “Turn It In” as part of your own drafting and revising process. The instructor needs to see the report of your final complete version, the one you submit for grading. Put your name in the document not just in the file name, that way you are showing me that you take responsibility for your work. Put the date of submission in the document. Put your last name (family name) in the filename of the document you submit, preferably something like Lastname-part1, Lastname-part 2, etc. Please use section headings that clearly indicate the 4 parts of your paper. Include page numbers in the document. Submit each part electronically to Canvas at the place set up by the TA to receive them. Provide a professionally prepared list of references for your paper. Referencing Guidelines for Global Health Overview Pathways Paper Scientific reports often assume that “the scientist knows nothing” and must reference each fact as it appears in the paper. Other scientists want to know where you got your information, so they can check it for authenticity and see if they accept the facts you present. The following example shows unclear and incomplete referencing for stated facts: “Recent rates of breastfeeding (ever) are 73.9% in the United States and 90.3% in Canada, compared to 97.1% in Kenya and 98.5% in Peru (data from the CDC and WHO).” Which reference belongs to which rate? Each fact/number needs its own reference: for example, “73.9% in the United States (reference A) and 90.3% in Canada (reference B)”. 8 GHO-task-guidelines-2015, bjs, aje, 9/14/2015 4:15 PM Accurate information means referencing where the facts you use came from. Statements like “Studies show…” or “1 billion people in the world are undernourished” need references. If a whole paragraph of information is derived from the same source, please put the reference at the start of the paragraph with a sentence like: “The following information comes from Jones et al. (2015).” The style of having the reference for an entire paragraph of data at the end is not acceptable. If information comes from different sources in the paragraph, then put each reference in place for each piece of information. Anything obtained from a web site needs the accessed Internet address and the date when the accessing occurred, not just the date of the source document. Writing Style Avoid journalistic (subjective) writing using words like “tremendous”, “horrible”, “large”, “many”, and provide data instead with comparisons to show how big a difference there is between some standard reference (or what is considered “optimal”) and the “non-normative”. For example, “exclusive breastfeeding rates for the first 6 months of life are 4 times higher in Peru than in the USA (reference C).” For a scientific paper – you need references for subjective thoughts, and if you are quoting, then use quotation marks, or use data to make the case along with proper citation for the data. For scientific writing we are advocating that students use a style where the “point” or “bottom line” is the first sentence in the paragraph, and the sentences in the rest of the paragraph provide information in support of the assertion. I want to read the main point, and then fact, fact, fact, in support of that point…each with its own reference at the point of stating the facts (if they each come from a different source). Here’s a good example: “Typically the problem of domestic violence is more pronounced for women, but it is a problem for both men and women. According to the CDC, about 24.3% of women and 13.8% of men “have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner…at some point in their lifetime” (“Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence”, 2013). Furthermore, “9.4% of women have been raped by an intimate partner” and about twice as many women (16.9%) than men (8.0%) have experienced some other form of sexual violence (“Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence”, 2013). Finally, one third of “female homicide victims [are] murdered by their current or former partner (“Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts”, 2015).” I will attach some chapters and powerpoints to guide you through the paperless

PLEASE FIX PART 1 and 2 based on the comments and then blend together, THEN START part#3. MAKE sure you refer to the documents i attached in the past order as well. VERY IMPORTANT!