On the brain

topic 1
Your administrator is planning a staff retreat. They have decided getting out of the school environment might be good for your faculty and staff. Describe how you would help your administrator assign teachers to responsibilities of the retreat- also convince them of what you would like to do (500 words should be enough).
topic 2
It is spring and your administrator has decided your school needs a Spring Field day for your students. They have never had one before and they send out a letter to your parents to make them aware of their decision. Two days later they receive the following notes and messages. What is going on here and what personalities are coming into play? Tell me how you would help them evaluate each of these concerns and using your knowledge of the temperaments how would you help your administrator convince them it is a good plan (500 words or less please). – One note wants to know if all the students will have the proper safety gear and equipment to participate.
– Several messages are supportive and they are excited about your decision.
– One parent is a little concerned because the school has never had a field day and wonders if it will disrupt learning.
– Still another parent wants to know if you have received the proper authority to carry on such an event from the central office.