Non violence and Civil disobedience

this informative argument essay designed to make you think about the use of non violence civil disobedience or direct action as a justifiable and effective way of achieving justice or changing inquities in government practices or beliefs.

You will need to synthsize the argument presented in Martin luther King ‘s “Letter from birmingham jail” and Thoreau’s “civil disobedience” in order to apply your understanding of non violence/civil disobedience to a contemporary context for a modern audience. how can you relate past voices and discussions to a modern audience? Also what is your evaluation of how nonviolence/civil disobedience is demonstrated today?

for example, i like my topic to be about “nonviolence” and “social networking” sites,
1- are social networking sites, such as Facebook, an effefctive method of nonviolence?
2-is Facebook used as a method of nonviolence?
3-in our technology based society, is Facebook one of the best methods of nonviolence

To support your thesis you will need to provide substantial claims and evidence. you will need to establish a credible ethos, pathos, and logos. also consider your audience as you develop the essay.





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