My Career Development

Topic: My Career Development

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Being an Exective Manager Commercial Support and now is Commercial Support Director in the biggest Telecom company in Middle East.
Write the assignement based on career advancement and special case . Here are the assignement instructions:


There are four elements to Assignment 3 which should open with an introduction that provides a plan for an essay and close with a conclusion. This conclusion should provide a summary evaluation of what you have learnt about yourself as: a person; as a professional; and in respect of your career development. The assignment will require you to complete the six exercises in the work book to form the foundation of your understanding to address the following questions:

1. Describe personal & career purpose. What needs to happen to allow to achieve it?
2. Reflect upon the most recent career decision.
a. Compare and contrast this decision with what was known for the values, interests, strengths and motivations?
b. What needs to stay the same, and what needs to change when making quality career decisions in the future?