Midterm Assignment

Midterm Assignment
Assignment Instructions
The Midterm Essay maps the second and third Course Objectives:
CO-2 Compare objectives, patterns, and actors of terrorism before and after 2001.
CO-3 Evaluate the character and influence of terrorist groups, their goals, structure, logistics and operations.
It consists of two questions. Please answer them separately in two pages per each question. You don’t need a cover page. A simple header with your name, the course number and a date will suffice.
1. In his analysis on jihadism, Walid Phares cites the Lord of the Rings fantasy novel. Explain what he considers as the ‘New Jihad’, and why he chose the Tolkien classic to argue his view.
2. What is the relationship between terrorists, their message and the media?
Because the Midterm is an assessment of course objectives, you may only use the required readings and all in Lessons. No additional sources are permitted. There will be point reductions if this requirement is not met. The required length is 4 double-spaced pages in 12 pt. font, not including the References. Make sure to use the Turabian Reference Style with in-text citations and include a Reference List at the end of your essay.
Week One: Terrorism, its definition, origins and causes