Media Analysis- Al Jazeera English Vs. BBC News

Topic: Media Analysis- Al Jazeera English Vs. BBC News
This assignment is for Journalism and Media class and it is about Media analysis. Compare two different media outlets to see how they cover Al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula- Yemen group. (Note: this group is different than Al Qa’ida of Bin Laden). The Analysis should be between BBC news outlet in America and the Middle Eastern outlet “AL Jazeera News” in English on how both outlets cover Al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula group. Find 5 events that involve the group if possible. If not, then just 5 stories about the group. Compare coverage of your group and include (you can use these numbers in your paper): A list of the stories you analyzed by headline, reporter byline, dateline, date it appeared. Brief background on your chosen news outlets, where published, circulation, reputation if you can find (2 or three sentences). This is especially for the overseas outlets. I’m not so concerned with US one. The bulk of the paper: You will analyze the similarities and the differences in the coverage of the terrorist group and their actions by the two outlets. What is the “frame” the outlet seems to be using? How does each outlet characterize the group and their actions? How would you evaluate their coverage? Superficial? Knowledgeable? even their words and phrases that they use. Are there daily breaking news reports, or long, in-depth pieces? Where are the reporters? Where are they located? Do they cover the humanitarian dimensions? Or only the political? Do they emphasize different aspects of the group or event or its repercussions? Examine similarities and differences and try to determine the reasons for variations in the coverage. Who are their primary sources of information in the stories by the two outlets? Count up the sources in each story by the following categories: a. Number of named U.S. officials b. Number of named non-U.S. officials c. Number of anonymous sources (“Pentagon spokesman said…” ; “A EU diplomat said…”) d. Number of “average” people quoted This can be a simple table or grid. Be careful to have sources produced by that outlet and not wire stories (like AP, AFP, Reuters) and NO opinion pieces. No commentary, op-ed, or editorials. When you search in Nexis, it tells you if it is an editorial. In addition, look at the Dateline at the very top of the story, which tells you WHERE the story was written. That can tell you a lot about the reporting. Are all Somalia stories being reporter from Kenya? What does that mean? Note: This Assignment worth a lot of my grade. so please do good research and try to make a deep comparison and analysis for both outlets as how they cover the terrorist group Al-Qa’ida. The essay should also be organized, your thoughts and ideas should be very clear, understandable and logical.