an essay on one topic:
1. If you have ever had any position of leadership–whether a club, household, organization–explain if Machiavelli’s summation of how to be an effective leader, using at least three support points, is sound.

2. If you have never been in a position of leadership but been a part of some governed organization–school, church, classroom–explain if the leaders observed have been effective, and if so, which of Machiavelli’s principles did they seem to practice; and if not, which one of Machiavelli’s principles did they seem to not know or ignore. Note, this is a personal essay so requires use of personal–I, me, my, etc.–pronouns.

3. Presuming that after your college experience, you will go on to some level of leadership–whether on a committee, in a business, in a home (single or multi-member)–which of Machiavelli’s principles of leadership ring true for you and that you will either remember and/or practice? See note on number 2 about personal pronouns.