world literature

world literature
Study Books Used in Class:
The Norton Anthology of World Literature
Description: Instructions:
Develop an essay response (500 – 750 words) to ANY AND ONLY ONE of the following topic/questions; LABEL YOUR ANSWER CLEARLY. Take your time so that you can produce a polished final product, but DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. (In other words, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare and submit your essay. It just won’t work!) Provide a title and a well-organized introductory paragraph for your essay. An effective tactic is to re-word the actual topic in that introductory paragraph, so that it becomes your thesis statement. As you then go on make a case defending the position that you have taken, be sure to use supporting evidence from the text(s) for each point that you wish to make. A summarizing conclusion should round things out.

I must remind you again that plagiarism earns an automatic F. The Internet offers lots of resources for cheaters, but like most promises of something for nothing they will lead to bad things. Don’t do it.
Why does Okonkwo do the things he does. Is he trying to prove something, and if so what is he trying to prove and to whom?

If Zaabalawi is a symbol, what is he a symbol of? Explain your view.

Do you think that Mahfouz wants his readers to believe that Zaabalawi is a real person? That Mahfouz’ narrator thinks that Zaabalawi is a real person? Whatever you may think, explain your reasons for thinking so.