The use of ‘Play’, and ‘Language and Literature’ in childhood education: A Comparative Study


We are told to write a dissertation proposal of 3500 words. The proposal should contain: 1-Research Question, 2-Hypothesis, 3- Aims of the dissertation and background information about the specific topic, 4-Methodology (with reference to published literature), 5-Sample Literature Review (critically discuss), 6-Sample bibliography (what has been used in the proposal + more to show that I am aware of the literature).
Overall, the task is to write a research proposal for an empirically based enquiry that I will undertake in my dissertation (2500), and critically discuss the research approach and methodology that I plan to use with reference to published literature (1000).

I attach a document with all details of the dissertation topic and research question and all other necessary details that you need to elaborate and analyse in greater details to suit this task. Please follow the structure given in the attached document.