The Character of Hester as Portrayed in Nathaniel Hawthorne�s The Scarlet Letter and Suzan-Lori Parks� In the Blood


I write this paper; actually it is Non-Thesis for my Masters Program. My biggest problem as my supervisor said is the coherence!
I need your help!
What I want it from you is to work and follow my supervisor�s comments; it�s in green color in the margins. His name is Hsramadan. And my order here is to work on the first chapter only from page 9 to 20 and NOT the whole paper OR the first pages!
I attached the whole research paper to read and understand what is it about.
Finally, if the first chapter is perfect and my supervisor agrees with, we will continue with the whole chapters including the introduction and conclusion.
NOTE: Plz make only the first chapter (page 9-20)\ Chapter One: Nathaniel Hawthorne�s Hester Prynne.
This chapter contains 12 pages so please try to finish as soon as possible.
Also, about the number of references I can’t specify because it�s already there on my paper. Do the best.
If you need anything, let me know.