Quantitative research

Selects preferred research study and critiques a research study published in the educational literature. The research study must be published in a professional journal (e.g., Journal of Teacher Education, Educational Assessment, Journal of Research in Mathematics Education, etc.). You will write a five to eight pages, double-spaced paper that synthesizes your evaluation of the research study. A copy of your selected article should be submitted along with your critique paper for grading.

Guidelines for Critique of a Research Article

What was the purpose of the study?
What was the research problem/question/hypothesis?
Were the variables, including independent and dependent variables, clearly defined if it was applicable? What were these variables?
Did the literature review provide logical and clear links to the problem studied as well as to the methods that used in the study? Justify your answer.
Was the sampling method clearly described and was it adequate, given the research questions and objectives? What sampling method was used?
What measurement instrument(s) was used in the study? *Was the choice of instruments or data collection methods consistent with the research question?
Did the researcher provide evidence about the reliability and validity of the measure results?
Was the researcher’s choice of statistical analysis and interpretation of the results appropriate? If not, what procedure or interpretation would you recommend?
Were the findings generalizable, given the study design?
Were the conclusions logically related to the overall methodology?
How well did the author(s) relate their conclusions to educational practice or practical applications?
Where might you have taken a different approach that you see an improvement of the study?