Parable paper: analysea a narrative or visual cliché in advertising

parable paper assignment:

Drawing on Roland Marchand’s text “The Great Parables,” you are to identify a narrative or visual cliché in advertising from a single decade between 1900-1990, and to analyze it as a ‘parable’ along the lines established by Marchand. You need to go beyond simply identifying the parable or narrative; you are expected to analyse its larger meaning in relation to its historical period.

**Your parable must NOT be one of those discussed by Marchand: you are expected to identify and develop your own parable***

In choosing your 2-3 examples of ads, you will likely want to consult the book series All-American Ads (Taschen books), on reserve at the OCAD library. These include a wide range of print advertisements, and are helpfully separated by decade.*You must indicate a source for your ad examples (where you found them); if you are including a tv/online clip in your examples, please provide a URL so that I can access the ad.

In an essay of approximately 5-6 double-spaced typed pages, you will:

Identify and describe your chosen ‘parable’ or ‘visual cliché’;
Analyse 2-3 ads from your chosen decade in terms of how they express this parable;
Give some historical context/background through which we can understand the power of this parable at the time;
Briefly discuss the significance and contemporary life of this parable. Is it still with us? Does it take a different form today? Why?
Your project should be accompanied by reproductions (black and white photocopies are okay) of your chosen advertisements (these are not included in page length).

You must properly reference any sources quoted, paraphrased or otherwise utilised in your writing.