One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Both, Literature and Popular media and films are a rich source of material addressing psychopathology and mental illness. You will be asked to view a relevant film or read a work of Literature. Then, I would like students to write a paper that addresses a number of relevant themes including the following:

A comprehensive description of psychopathology (symptoms) or particular Psychopathological dynamics (Oedipus complex, Existential Angst) depicted, including a formal DSM/ICD diagnosis of the protagonist or main character. This should include specific and relevant symptoms and biographical information that indicates how the person displays these dynamics or meets criteria for a particular mental disorder.
Identify a minimum of 3 SCENES either in the film or story that best the above points.
A reflection on the positive and negative messages that the film or story portray regarding the particular disorder or psychological dynamics.
Discussion of how well or poorly the movie or Literary work characterizes the particular form(s) of psychopathology depicted.
The paper should be written using APA format ONLY, and it should be minimum 2,500words long NOT counting title page and bibliography. The paper has to have a title page, followed by an Abstract in which summarizes the main idea of your paper. Then you should have an introduction followed by the main body of your paper where you cover numbers 1-4 above each section subtitled. Finally a Conclusion and a Bibliography. Therefore your paper outline should be as follows:

Title Page
Description of Psychopathology
Description of 3 scenes.
Positive and Negative messages