my antonia

choose from the following themes from my Antonia and discuss it in detail in an essay of no less than two double-spaced pages.Be sure to use,where appropriate from the text,indicate at the end of any quote passages the page number(s)as an in-text citation.
select from one of the following:
1. what are the two of the most important conflicts in the novel? were they physical,moral,intellectual,or emotional,or a combination.
2.Are there any characters you would like to meet? if so, name two and discuss why you would like to meet them.
3.Does the story end the way you expected it?be specific.
4.explain why the novel is often considered a work of feminist literature?
5.What is the role of women in the text?
6.How are mothers represented?
7.What is the toughest challenge the immigrants in the novel face,and how does this challenge help them prosper?
8.What abilities or virtues do the immigrants have that the Americans do not?
9.Antonia’s father calls her “MY Antonia?” How deeply does his death change her life?
10.How is “the land” a character in the novel?
11.IS Antonia triumphant at the end? why not?