Literature Review Assignment

Literature Review Assignment
See attached Article and answer the following question (also included in the attached Outline). Answer them thoroughly. MUST submit rough notes!!! These mean a breakdown of the intended answers, thoughts, etc. These are not included in the 6 pages. Please include in-text citations of the article in the question answers.
1. What is Blomley trying to prove about how law works when used to regulate public space? Relate your answers to lecture discussions about Lady Justice and socio-legal critique(s).
2. Explain how Blomley’s argument relates to citizenship, as viewed wearing one’s “human rights glasses”. Discuss examples from the article.
3. How does Blomley illustrate interconnected/interdependent human rights notions of neglect and oppression within his argument about public space? Discuss examples from the article, and explain how they work together.
4. Explain how the argument made by Blomley relates to the arguments made by Brown and Marshall (course readings – October 20, 2014). In other words, which invalidation ideolog(ies) support the notion of “traffic logic”? Explain.