Literature review

A review of the literature is a paper that is intended to provide evidence of knowledge in a given area of study. The review of the literature for this course will incorporate the literature you included in your Annotated Bibliography earlier this semester. Your review of the literature will include a description of your view of nursing knowledge and how you view nursing science and practice (your philosophy based on what you learned from this course and from your practice). How does this personal philosophy inform how you view the two concepts you selected for your annotated bibliography? How do your views fit within the metaparadigm of nursing? Your review of the literature is expected to describe fully the two concepts you selected by discussing relevant works, by drawing logical connections between and among findings in the literature, the concepts themselves, your selected theory, and your own thinking as it develops in relation to these concepts.
An introduction: At least one paragraph that introduces the topic of your review. The introduction should capture the reader’s attention and peak the reader’s interest. You must include a thesis statement in your introduction.

Background information: The background section provides an important foundation that helps to argue the importance of conducting your review. Here you include the theoretical foundation for your review, which includes your personal philosophy based on the evidence and your own practice. Provide a definition of the concepts. You will also introduce and describe your selected theory to which you apply your selected concepts.
Results: Your results should include a synthesis of the literature making clear connections between the literature and the two concepts you selected. How do your concepts fit with the theory you selected and how does the literature support these connections? You must also demonstrate evidence of critiquing the literature to identify strengths and weaknesses in the literature included. Identify any gaps in the literature that indicate that additional research is needed.
Implications for nursing practice: You must include pertinent and relevant implications derived from your review that would be useful to nurses in advanced practice.
Conclusion: Provide a concise, but thorough summary of the important findings from your review of the literature; include highlights from the implications and suggest possible areas for future research in this area.
Your paper must be in APA format, which requires both a title and a reference page.