Literature Review

Task Description:
Write a literature review on the topic set by your lecturer

The literature review should be based on a minimum of 5 articles. At least 3 articles may be selected from the reference list in your research article for Task 2

Select and Read
1. Select and evaluate academic sources that are relevant to the topic.
2. Critically read the selected articles to understand and make notes on the main points

Organise your information
3. Identify a set of similar topics or themes that from the selected articles. You should expect to identify 3 – 5 main themes. These will form the paragraphs of your literature review
4. Order the themes or topics into a logical progression

Structure your writing
5. Introduce the topic of the literature review
(this section: approximately 150 words)

6. Synthesise: In the body of the review, the information should be organised according to the identified themes. For each theme, write a paragraph (or more) that synthesises the relevant information from across the various sources. Each paragraph should be logically linked to the previous and subsequent paragraphs. Ideas in each paragraphs should be linked with appropriate cohesive devices.
(this section: approximately 1100 words)

7. Conclude the review by summarising the main points from the review, and drawing out some overall conclusions
(this section: approximately 200 words)
Assessment criteria:
[Obj 2] reads critically, and articulates the processes by which this occurs
[Obj 1, 3] synthesises various authors’ views thematically
[Obj 3] is grammatically accurate
[Obj 3] summarises, paraphrases and cites effectively

ACADEMIC LITERACIES in TESOL and Applied Linguistics

Student name and number:
Assessment Task: Literature review ✔

Criteria Inadequate/ Fail Adequate/ Pass Good/ Credit Superior/ Distinction Outstanding/ High Distinction
Critical reading of selected sources

Effective summarising, paraphrasing and citing

Thematic synthesis of authors’ views

Grammatically accurate

Correct citation and referencing

(Note: not all criteria are equally weighted in determining a final grade )