Language Development

Language Development
The journal article report will reflect discovery and interpretation of pertinent topics related to language development. It should address how language develops and how it can be fostered or impeded by instructional strategies, teacher’s action, materials, or the child’s environment.
As professionals, good teachers read and reflect upon professional literature relevant to their teaching. This activity is designed with two main purposes: to demonstrate use of the professional literature of teaching; and, to create a knowledge base for the development and importance of language and strategies for fostering it.
Open with an opening paragraph about the journal article topic and its relevance to language development. Write synthesizing the articles content, identify major points and noting any consistencies or inconsistencies presented in the ideas.
This assignment should represent personal beliefs about the article’s content, and should be concise and well-written. Include your own ideas about how the articles ideas can or cannot be implemented in the classroom. Avoid simply recapping the article. “