Interpersonal Communication

Topic: Interpersonal Communication
Choose a fable, folktale, or children�s story from a culture other than your own. Analyze the cultural values implied by the story or characters in the story. Draw on your knowledge of interpersonal communication theory to address the following:
Choose an example of interpersonal communication occurring in the fable, folktale, or story.
Using topic(s) from the text explain what you think is happening in the communication.
What features of intercultural communication do you see active in the story (see chapter 4). Do you see examples where the characters have asynchronous communication?
Discuss the implications of the communication that is occurring (why it is important).
Your paper should take the following general form:
a) Summarize the fable, folktale, or children�s story
b) Identify the type of communication or the communication theory you will be applying to the story.
c) Analyze the story using that theory
d) Reflect in your own words about the importance of the communication occurring in the story.