Carefully read the guidelines, you have to draft a foreword for the portfolio of one of my peer.
You have to go to
then you click login: Username : benabou.t
Password : Tondelier1
then you go to course ( top left ) then you click on 3308 ENGW then you click on portfolios and you go check the bottom one ( Zacharie Dorfman portfolio ) and the six pieces you’ll have to analyze are the last six pieces:
-6th Grade Writing Lesson Plan
-SIOP Writing Analysis
-Rhetorical Analysis Draft
-Lit Review Draft
-Rhetorical Analysis final
-Lit Review Final
When speaking about the “Theme” it’s not the theme like what comes back the most but it could be ” First texts showing lack of skills in writing and then you can clearly see the improvements with the other texts which were written after”
Write a 3 page Foreword.