Evaluational Argument

Choose a genre to evaluate your chosen film (e.g. comedy, drama, romance, horror, etc.). For example, if you select comedy, you will develop criteria for what makes a good comedy. The criteria you create and the weight you give each criterion should be based on the research you do on your selected genre (Y-term). Furthermore, the weight you assign is also determined by the genre and should be apparent in the paper.

The basic grammatical structure of the claim for the Evaluation Argument is: X is (not) a good Y; as in, “John Doe is a good student.” There are other evaluative terms that can be to substitute the word “good:” effective, successful, workable, etc. Similar to the definitional argument, you need to develop criteria for the Y-term and determine if the X-term matches that criterion. The difference between the two is the Evaluation Argument is a categorical argument, meaning the argument is focused upon whether the X-term fits into the category, or Y-term.

Evaluating Inglourious Basterds as outstanding Historical Drama genre.
MOST IMPORTANT thing in this essay is to have criteria for what makes a good-Y and display the weight given to each criterion, and justification for the selected criteria and the weight given. And show how the selected movie matches or does not match the established criteria; include a potential counterarguments which address either the criteria or criteria-match and the rebuttal of the counterargument;

I have set some criteria to make it easier and clear.
Please choose 3 out of these 4, or you can add or remove if there is a better one.
Historical Drama genre
1. has hidden messages
2. different analytical perspectives
3. fictional but related to real history
4. criticize the existing ideology or ideas in sarcastic way.