Effects of Urbanization on Aquatic Ecosystem

Effects of Urbanization on Aquatic Ecosystem must not simply summarize the literature on the topic but critically evaluate it. This involves describing and critiquing the research questions, experimental and sampling designs, analysis of results, and interpretations of papers that have been published in this field. You do not need to do this in detail for every paper that you cite. You must select 4 articles of primary literature (i.e. with original results, not review papers), for which you write detailed critical evaluations as part of your literature review (e.g., two to three paragraphs devoted to each of these 4 articles). These should be 4 articles that you determined through your research to be key papers in the literature on your topic.
Please note that the assignment is not merely to write in-depth analysis of 4 articles. You are to write a comprehensive literature review that incorporates 20-25 articles. Within this review you should include more detailed discussions of 4 of these articles.
Please take note of the following features of this paper that you should emulate.
• The introduction provides general background but then focuses on a specific topic for the review, stating clearly the scope of the review (i.e. what is and isn’t covered).
• The review is organised in a logical fashion with subheadings.
• The review concludes with a prospectus of the status in the field and directions for further research.
• You must format your references as in the reference list of this paper.
• In the text of your review, cite references by author surname and year Additional guidelines: • Length of 5000 words (excluding the reference list), double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 2 cm margins, page numbers, indentation at the start of each paragraph, clear subsection headings.
• Include a title page, table of contents (listing the subsections), abstract and the body of the review, conclusions/prospectus, and reference list.
• Around 20-25 references cited, at least 4 of which must be from the current year, and any 4 chosen to critique in depth. You may not include more than 4 citations of websites. You are meant to be reviewing published scientific papers from professional scientific journals.
• There is no need to quote one of your sources directly unless you are making a point about their particular word choice.

Marking Criteria
• The table of contents displays a logical organisation for the review.
• The abstract summaries in one paragraph the scope and major findings of your review.
• The introduction gives general background and establishes the scope of the review.
• The body of the review meets all criteria outlined above.
• The body of the review demonstrates comprehensiveness, critical thought, and effective communication through writing.
• The body of the review includes 4 in-depth critiques that demonstrate critical evaluation of scientific research.