educational leadership and inclusion setting

Inclusion: The Perspective of School Principals Regarding Disabilities and Inclusion Conceptualized for re-culturing Mainstream Schools for Children with Learning Disabilities (intellectual disabilities) in KSA

Literature Review (PhD level)
Before starting please I need clarification for each heading so I make sure that you understand what I want.
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1. The definition of school leadership
2. The education leadership theories:define each theory and how it related to inclusion in mainstream school for children with learning disabilities( special needs)
• Transformational leadership
• Transactional leadership
• Instructional leadership
• Social justice leadership
I need to add one more theory
3. The definition of school culture:
4. What is the different between re-culturing and re-structuring in the school and which model is related to inclusive approach:
5. How literature view the change in school leadership to develop inclusion approach:
Requirement (Don’t include any studies result all information from text books about the background of the topic, Please all the resources should be article or text books no internet references, use at last 10 books as references related to the education leadership. The new meaning of educational change. Strategic Leadership and educational improvement

To give you general idea of the topic my research aims and Objectives is
I do not argue that schools in KSA are appearing to be inclusive schools. Rather, the recent restructuring efforts in KSA schools combined with increasing number of students with disabilities enrolled mainstream schools, that has created new challenges for building principals who initiating and maintaining the support for schools that struggling to be inclusive. As my research calling for inclusive education where inclusion is more than putting students who experiencing special educational needs in mainstream schools and classrooms with their peers . Thus, as mentions the type of leadership demonstrated by the principal is vital to the success of including children with disabilities into mainstream school and considers leadership by principals committed toward inclusion impact positively on school culture as a key to the effective inclusion of children with Learning Disabilities in mainstream schools.
As there are many indications illustrate that the ways in which principals believes in inclusion philosophy is important for the successfully implementing inclusive practices and their envision foster the inclusion school community. More specifically, school principal’s behaviors toward disabled students may have an effect on the quality of the educational programs provide by teachers and other school members for Learning Disabilities pupils. That mean helping to understanding the nature of leadership styles fostering positively on operationalizes the culture that value and welcome differences.
With this in mind, The primary purpose of this study was to identify the perspective that primary and reception school principals in Riyadh held regarding the inclusion of students with Learning Disabilities; Consequently, in order to ensure the importance of this research, this study aims to explore how they conceptualise the inclusion approach, their knowledge towered the inclusion approach philosophy and the impact of these perceptive on their roles, to identify the relationship between their attitudes and their definition of disabilities and leadership roles, their practices to support the recent educational reforms and addressed the challenges to re-culturing school environment.This study would use qualitative methods (interviews, observation, document analysis and achievement records if it available to be access).