Comparative literature

comparative literature
please write more comparative literature .
Chinua Achebe – Things Fall Apart (Africa)
Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice (Europe)
William Faulkner – As i Lay Dying (the Americas)
Paule Marshall – Chosen Place, Timeless people (The Americas)
Abdelrahman Munif – Cities of salt (middle East)
Michael Ondaatje – Running in the Family (Asia)
William Shakespeare – King Lear (europe)
The notebook consists of three to four entries for each work.the entries will consist of your observations, commentraies, assessments of the works, and can include connections to the present time and to the various works of the semester. Plot summary is not to be part of the Notebook, though you can present for one entry an overview of questions or considerations that arise from a particular reading, the entries are not rough notes, but complete short pieces of writing.