Code-switching in Qatar

Code-switching in Qatar


In this research paper i would like to speak about how evident Globalization is in qatar, and how it shows through code-switching. people in qatar tend to switch alot from arabic to english in order to express themselves.
my reasearch also focuses on why these people tend to shift more often.
I have done some surveys to get my data.
This is my abstract:
Globalization is the process of which countries are strongly influenced by a certain culture, through products, language, ideas, and many other aspects of that culture. This process has positive effects, but also has negative ones. The theory my work is based on is “The Communication Accommodation Theory” by Howard Giles, which clarifies the reasons behind the use of code switching. This paper will mainly discuss globalization within the context of linguistics as an answer to these questions: How evident is globalization through the process of code switching in Qatar? Why do people tend to use code switching in Qatar? And where does the process of code switching appear the most? The methodology I used to collect my data is online surveys, interviews with people from different ages, and observation of the use of language in different situations.
Findings through my survey:
– 100% agreed that globalization is evident in Qatar.
– As an answer to the question "how often do you switch between languages", 40% answered all the time, 50% answered most of the time, and 10% answered never.
– 100% said they use both arabic and english in one sentence.
– 90% Agreed that code-switching is common in Qatar, where 10% disagreed.
– 40% agreed that Qatar is strongly influenced by the Western countries, where 60% thought that it was a little influenced.
– 20% agreed that people in Qatar are forgetting their mother tongue, where 80% disagreed.
– 25% said they feel like they can express themselves more in English, where 75% felt that they can express themselves through speaking in Arabic.
– An an answer to the question: which language do you usually use at home, 0% answered English, 80% answered Arabic, and 20% answered other.

I want my research paper to be in APA style, and i need the references please, 2 from books and 2 from journals. 4 academic references in total. 550 words.


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