Arguments of Things Fall Apart


Nobel laureate Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart explores the political, social, and religious effects of British expansion into the African interior. How does this novel serve as a tool for understanding late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century imperialism? How do British authorities (missionaries, merchants, governors) undermine traditional relationships and practices? In what ways do Africans respond to empire building?
The challenge in this assignment is to make and support your argument in 1500 words. That means weighing your evidence carefully and analyzing it collectively to formulate the best possible essay.
As a primary source analysis essay, you must make a critical assessment of the texts under consideration. Papers must also include a clear thesis/argument. Outside materials are not welcome. Use only assigned course materials and lecture notes in formulating this essay.
Note: If you do not complete this assignment, you must complete the Perec analysis. Either way, you are still responsible for reading the material.
Formatting and Other General Guidelines:
 12pt Times New Roman typeface
 Double-spaced
 Use Chicago-style footnotes to cite materials used in the essay.
 Proofread for spelling and grammar prior to submission
 Include your name and page number in the header, aligned right.
 Submit your essay via the Blackboard assignment folder.