Analyze the role of women and femininity in writings about the Queen Mother of the West, "An Early Poem of Mystical Excursion,"

This paper is focus on Women and Taoism. Only 3 pages max, belong 1000 words. There are two reading here, one is called ” The Taoist Experience ” by Livia Kohn and the other one is called “An Early Poem of Mystical Excursion ” by Pail Kroll and this one is part of the chapter inside the book ” Religions of China in practice “. The first reading is all talking about The Queen Mother of the West. We need to compare with these two reading and discuss the role of women and femininity and how women and femininity link to Chinese Taoism as the theme of the paper. All citation must be cited or used directly from these two reading. No outside sources can be used. Please also list the page number after each citation in the paper. Both reading are inside the attached file.Again, only use these two reading inside the paper. 6-8 sources. No internet sources.

Some idea you may consider about the reading ” Queen Mother of West

in the paper, you can talk about why Queen Mother of West is such powerful?What is her characteristics to make her powerful?How she show people her mother lead figure. Who is she attracted to, who is the follower? Why people follow her. On the first reading, author talks about “She and the Lord King of Wood and the East rule the two primal energies( Ying and Yang), nourish and raise heaven and earth” , How Queen Mother of West is represented as Ying with her mother lead figure? Ying has equal power to Yang. In paper, also mention, she is able to correct and edit text, and people follower word by word.

Some idea of reading ” An Early Poem of Mystical Excursion”

This is a poem, please use primary sources to discuss in the paper. Use the citation from the poem to discuss women in Taoism. How this poem similar to Queen Mother of the West.

Ying Yang in Taoism is very important concept, please mention it. And Why Ying is as important as Yang. How women represent as Ying, and why women in Taoism religion is powerful.