Is Hezbollah acting as the Capable Guardian of Lebanon with its intervention in Syria?b

Can you send me an email guaranteeing that I will receive a copy of all the texts that the writer mentions and a specific page number he/she is referring to in the text he/she is using in the paper?
I want a paper of high quality.
I want a copy of every text that the writer makes a reference to, specifying the page to which he/she is referring. Otherwise I do not want to proceed with the order.
I want the writer to send me regular drafts of the work he/she has done so I can see the progress of it and discuss any possible change.
I want the writer to use appropriate sources, most of them academic and whenever possible, accessible through internet and or electronic format (ebooks, journals, etc.).
As soon as the writer accepts I will send more details about the paper.

I expect that I will receive a copy of the text mentioned with expression of the page quoted or paraphrased. Please take note of this.