Interpretive Essay Carl Sagan and Eric Liu

Interpretive Essay

Maintain a controlling purpose that reflects what matters to or is at stake for you in your rhetorical situation.
Responds to what matters to those addressed and affected by your writing.
Creates and maintains coherence and clarity for the intended audiences by shaping patterns of arrangement and design.

Critically interpret course texts by
Incorporating, contexualizing, examining, and connecting multiple passages from or across the text being addressed.
Identifying and analyzing strategies and choices, including key terms, distinctions and questions being asked within the text.
Describing and evaluating how arrangement, design choices, and other material conditions of the text shape an audience’s understanding.

Make use of academic conventions for writing by
Providing relevant context of texts being interpreted, such as background information, brief summaries, definitions of key terms, and examples.
Integrating and documenting all summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotations accurately and fairly and by following current MLA guidelines.
Demonstrating an ability to meet academic expectations for grammar and mechanics in final drafts.

The writing should be base off of Carl Sagan essay “Real Patriots Ask Questions” and Eric Liu Video “why ordinary people need to understand power” here is the link for the video:

What should be in the essay:
The essay should be analysis with 3 to 4 quotes from Carl Sagan and Eric Liu.

How they are connected and how are they different.

Use audience, purpose, context, pathos, and ethos to (explain) the connecting with Carl Sagan and Eric Liu

This is not a summary its a analysis.

Show connection with self, their audience, purpose, and context.

Its OK to use “I” in this essay my professor said using “I” is ok for this essay.

Make sure the controlling purpose and topic sentence is clear in the essay.