interior design

of your choice ( textile, specifically in interior design )

1. What is the identified textile-related topic you are attempting to solve?

2. What is your innovation that will help solve the problem.
answering these two questions in short sentences and with with one or two reference. i will have to show my professor to approve it.
after my professor approve the topic innovation. then the writer can start writing

This research paper will go toward the final grade so I can either pass or fail the class. This research paper for Interior Design.

The below is the writing prompt with all details and requirements. You are also given the option to choose the topic based on requirements ( see below ) but need to get my teacher approval on topic first by Monday 09Nov15 then we can proceed with writing.

1. Can you read the all the below first and tell me if you are interested/ capable of writing this challenging research paper?
if yes, can you decide on topic you like to talk about and a few details about it so I can provide it to teacher for approval.
“Textile Innovation for a Clean and Healthy Environment” Written Report

#1—Gather and interpret scientific information from a variety of sources and use that information to discuss scientific issues.
a. To understand the array of textiles products available to meet the lifestyle needs of consumers.

#2—Describe ethical or sociological dilemmas arising out of scientific research and applications, which may include those related to social justice and may have implications for local and/or global communities.
a. To understand the meaning of a clean and healthy environment in the textile business and the implications a clean and healthy environment has on the interior and fashion businesses.

#4—Discuss the relevance of major scientific theories and/or research to modern day life.
a. To gain an overview of the history of the textile industry & technological developments.
b. To gain an understanding of the need for continuous education with regard to advances in textile products and textile care.
110 Points

1 The purpose of this assignment is to investigate how the fiber and textile industries, the 2nd largest industry worldwide produces its products while providing a clean and healthy environment

2 Explain the supply chain and issues to maintain a clean and healthy environment, (such as non-polluting methods of fiber production, non-polluting methods of textile production, renewable fiber sources, recycling), for the textile industry and clean and healthy consumer environments. Exploring problem topics in the textile industry will help you become aware of an innovation that may address the problem topic—to expand your own knowledge and to learn how your industry of choice manages fiber, fabric production, and maintains a clean and healthy environment for all.

3 Explain chemistry of fiber and how chemical bonding is a key factor to understand the health and environmental problems both in producing and consuming countries.

4. CITATIONS OF ALL SCHOLARLY WEBSITES THAT ARE USED. (LIST OF REFERENCE). Your paper is to be maximum 6-8 text pages + 1 page for list of references

5.You may include maximum 3 images/samples within your 8 pages of text, which is to be typed & double-spaced (double-sided preferred)

6 In-text citations using APA format, are required. Citations must be from references included on your works-cited page.

7 Works cited page, correctly punctuated in APA format, must contain a minimum of 4 sources (no wikipedia, blogs nor textbooks allowed), containing information that is no more than 4 years old. One Website considered one reference, regardless of number of times accessed.
8. use textile terminology and with straight forward approach.
Write back to me if you understood this research paper with code 101.