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Creating Argument Outlines

The Argument’s Best Friends: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Argumentative Fallacies

Purdue OWL Podcast: An Introduction to Logos

Please do the following (this should be approximately 400 words):

Create an outline (see link above).
Write two paragraphs that detail how your paper will use each of these elements.
Examine two fallacies that occur in Pollan’s essay. Consider how you may use them as part of your argument.

Watch the following video –

“How to Write an Introduction to an Argumentative Essay”
“Choosing and Narrowing Research Topics for APA & MLA Essays”

With this part, I’d like to see you write a 150 word overview of what you learned from these videos. How will you prepare for your research paper?

The Incorporation of the Organic Food Industry