Homeland Security

Course: Homeland Security

Project: Airport Security

*I have to write project related to Homeland Security. It should be connected to issues of GCC “Gulf Cooperation Council” to be specific United Arab Emirates.

*Project and Presentation
After I finished the case study I have to develop it and do a Project. I sent my Presentation to my professor and this is his comments: I like the part you have discussed with the new security technologies. I want you to look at the interface of working government agencies. Show how the liaison between air line security and government security works at Abu Dhabi Airport.

*I have to use US Homeland Security Theory in the project.

*I’ll upload my Presentation that I’ll present in class so you can see it. Also, I’ll upload couple of lectures that we took on this course it may help you in the case.

*Note: Professor will be putting the project in “Turnitin”.

*Please avoid the comments from the case study about the grammar, proper capitalization, and sentence structure.

*Also don’t copy from what I wrote in the Presentation.

*When your finish the project I will send it to my professor as a draft to see his opinion.

*Please use the course textbook.