"Hips Feel Good" – Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty Case Analysis

I don’t need any cover page and headline.The analysis is just to be:

·a maximum of four (4) pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point size, 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins with Times New Roman font;
A general process for analyzing cases includes: (Adapted from Mauffette-Leenders, Erskine, & Leenders (1999). Learning With Cases. London, ON: Ivey Publishing.)
1. Reading the case
2. Defining the issue
3. Analyzing case data
4. Generating alternatives
5. Selecting decision criteria
6. Analyzing and evaluating alternatives
7. Selecting preferred alternatives
8. Developing an action and implementation plan
I got 4 for the last case, and the professor gives me some advices for full mark on this new case analysis. “To get a higher mark I offer the following for your consideration. Your paper is a bit brief – just over 2.5 pages. I think you might have used some of the unused length to provide further information on how you selected your preferred alternative. What You might also have provided a little more detail or information on the actions or implementation plan.”
The last case analysis will be uploaded as a improvement.