HACKING or ATTACKs or both

Students have a great deal of freedom in choosing a term paper topic as long as the topic relates to HACKING and ATTACKS. The following are some generic things you can do but you are not limited to these:

Apply some HACKING or ATTACK concepts to something in your own experience
Report in depth on a HACK or ATTACK vector not (much) covered in the course
Clarify and explain in detail some HACK or ATTACK technical concept
Argue against some commonly held position related to HACKING or ATTACK methodologies.

The paper must have a preface containing the following:

(5%) The word PREFACE centered on a line by itself
(5%) A one-sentence statement is to be next telling me what you do in the paper

The remaining 90% of the paper grade will be broken down as follows.

10% grammar, sentence structure, etc.

20% references.

30% paper length and use of images/diagrams.

30% topic, ideas and development.

Ground Rules

The paper is to be typed and 1000 to 2000 words in length. You must use Arial, 12pt, single space. I calculate the length of the paper after taking title, references and images out of the paper. Include MLA style bibliography and cite all references. Use at least three references. Any formally published work (book, magazine article, RFC, etc) may be used. Failure to cite references is an act of plagiarism that can result in failing the course.